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The universe :

                                                         Think less and feel more

It is a world of ecological anticipation in which people feed themselves with solar energy and where human stress and fuel-fired farts are the main energy resources. The animals are sacred although very rare in the cities and the majority of the population is vegetarian.


Also, one of the main currents of the counter-culture is the transpecism: to be grafted artificial limbs of animals.


Human stress has become a very prolific source of income!

Bidonville d'Arbi & Scrap

GlumyBloody: Although illegal but tolerated, GlumyBloody is a biscuit based on human stress to reveal or to evolve the capacities of the Instinct of the one who eats it.

Transpecism: It is a counter-cultural practice in which people are grafted artificial limbs of animals for aesthetic or identity purposes.

Gokuslam: This is one of the main religions (which are all in decline) whose texts and characters are modeled on the story of Dragon Ball (which in this world is not a comic).

The Instinct: Some legends say that absorbing human stress would enormously increase the instinctive abilities of humans and animals. These abilities come close to special powers!

Dog Pound Palace: This is a gigantic underground bunker with multiple sub-floors. It has been designed to accommodate all kinds of activities that it would be impossible to offer in the city itself. Anyone can go to performances or offer activities ranging from comedy show to fight to the death. It is therefore an illegal place but still tolerated because it contributes to the decrease of the suicide rate of the population by making it possible to fight the boredom.

The Bleeuuarrgh (Giant Slum): The poorest area of ​​the city. It is infested with makeshift dwellings made from abandoned materials / objects such as old stacked TVs / screens or the carcasses of old forraine party vehicles. Some of the homes are also installed on old roller coaster rails to be looked on.

Indeed, a legend tells that the floor has become so unhealthy that the orange mud that composes it would have become conscious and consume instantly all those putting their feet on too long.

Putrid (Sewers): Pipes of the city. Very difficult to access for the average person, they are full of holes to escape from the city. The government has therefore put in place a program to use criminals to prevent by any means individuals wandering out. The criminals are relayed in danger levels according to the zones.

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