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Nicolas Barbier 

BadLittleDreamer's daddy, project leader and lead Narrative/Game designer ! "May seem very nice at first sight, but if you meet him on the street you  should seriously consider changing sidewalk" his shrink.

Youssef Zerouali


UI/UX designer/Developper/Technical Game-Designer 

"21 years old and outstanding abilities! Passionate and dedicated to his work, he has a weakness for extra hours! Protect your girl when you see him ! Bad Little Dreamer

Nathan Sebestyen


2D/Traditional Animator / Chara designer

"A 20 years old masochist who is totally fed up with traditional animation and who always likes it, do you have that ? No, right ? Well we do ! His only fault is that you don't feel very productive next to him !" BadLittleDreamer.  

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