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Arbi & Scrap, Arbi Scrap


Age : 23

Sex : Guy

Specie : Human screwer


Nonchalant and confused, he does not always understand what is happening to him. Although of a sympathetic nature and posed, he hardly resists a call to bullshit. He is the incarnation of the lunar child/adult and is convinced that life is governed by "great players" who control the movements and thoughts of every human being.

Arbi Scrap, Arbi & Scrap


Age : 23

Sex : Normally a guy

Specie : Rabbit/Lizard thanks to transpecism

Neurotic, happy, hysterical, deep, sneering, mean, crazy, weak, sensitive ... all these adjectives describe Scrap. A real living disorder, he is sickly attracted to anything dangerous and stupid. Despite this, Scrap is certainly one of the most emotionally sensitive characters.

Arbi Scrap Djasper, Arbi & Scrap


Age : No one ever knows !

Sex : Guy

Specie : Creepy old man

Strange tramp living in the head of a giant statue overlooking the slum. He seems sexually ambiguous and have a strange lifestyle.


Arbi Scrap, Groohper, Arbi & Scrap

Age : Hard to tell…
Sex : He doesn't really have any more...
Specie : Transpecist obese hippie

Huge obese hippie with a trunk connected to his belly so that he can self-taste. This kind of hippies are "reserves" to stress used by the government to make regenerate nature. Being too big to move forward, they move by deflecting forward and then slide on their excrement. They also serve as vehicles at RaceGrunge, the national sport !

The child

Age : Really really young !
Sex : Boy
Specie : transpecist child despite him


This transpecist child wents through a lot of hardships... now he'll really need some help... even from douchebags like Arbi & Scrap.



Arbi Scrap Lester Bad Little Dreamer

Age : 9 
Sex : Li'l guy
Specie : Strange dwarfish caiman

Here's Lester, the hyper intelligent  and psychotic dwarfish caiman ! He  mutated after Scrap swimmed into his pool without having washed  himself for months !  Fascinated by humains, he seeks to be like them, intellectually speaking !

The 3 masked ape brothers

Age : Around 20
Sex : They're all guys we think...
Specie : Creepy masked guys


This is Deaf, Blind and Mute, the three masked monkey brothers ! Very united, their favorite pastimes are human massacre and physical/psychological torture ! But we forgive them because they love animals and are very united !
Just a tip, never try to find out what's behind their masks ! (anyway you'll be dead before you know it !)

Arbi Scrap Monkey brothers, Bad Little Dreamer
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