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Logo Bad Little Dreamer

What kind of guys are we ?

Bad Little Dreamer is a french brand new independent company making video games and animated movies. The company's created games/movies are mainly targeting people between 15 and 30 years old, especially young adults, by their atypical themes : transpecism, cannibalism, etc.

Arbi & Scrap. Scrap posé qui fume un pétard.

 They're mainly cartoony adventure games/movies where the narrative aspect is central.


Games are mainly designed for home consoles and PC. 


We are not necessarily mobile games lovers, but who knows, maybe it'll come one day.

Who is the Bad Little Dreamer ?

The entity behind this title is a deeply immature kid, scared of reaching  the adult part of life and who loves acting dirty and in an immature way, in order to provoke, without any taboo...

It's the typical instance of the dreamer, immature, weird and wild kid who can't support external authority but stays a good person.

Arbi & Scrap. L'enfant transpeciste fuyant pour sa vie à toute vitesse car il est poursuivi. Bad Little Dreamer. Nicolas Barbier

News :

It is with great pleasure that we announce you that Dog Pound Theater's Early Access is now available on and kartridge.  Thanks by advance to all future gamers! New updates will come soon!

What kind of games

do we make ?


Arbi & Scrap is a dynamic adventure video game series on console and PC, inspired by american cartoons for adults in which the story continues throughout the episodes.

Follow the wracky and trash adventures of two losers: On the program, a lost young boy and a rabbit-lizard, cannibal political parties, dubious ecology, stress collectors and widespread garting.  All in joy and good mood !

Logo Arbi & Scrap
Arbi Scrap Arbi & Scrap

What are our great goodies ?

A comic is coming soon !

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