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Dog Pound Theater

Dog Pound Theater; Game; Bad Little Dreamer; Arbi Scrap
Dog Pound Theater ; Bad Little Dreamer ; Arbi Scrap

Dog Pound Theater is a survival/reflexion party-game in local multiplayer for PC and Mac. 


The aim of the game is to be the last survivor of the play without being spotted by other player and the theater manager maniac.

All the graphics were done in traditional animation in a slightly creepy cartoon style!

Universe :

A strange TV mask maniac, named Dr. Prime-Time, kidnaps many children to make them act in a strange play.


In this play, the children should never betray 3 absolute rules :


Any actor seen without a mask will no longer be considered and will be eliminated!


Any actor must wear a sheep mask. Those wearing another mask will be punished!


Any actor caught removing the mask from another actor will be eliminated!



It is with great pleasure that we announce you that Dog Pound Theater's Early Access is now available on and kartridge.  Thanks by advance to all future gamers! New updates will come soon!

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